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Kundalini Yoga Chakras

Kundalini Yoga Chakras
chakras with the inflow of cosmic energy.......chakras with awakened kundalini
ChakraNameTattva / colorEnergy functionConditionsLocationKey functionKey descriptionOrganigland
eliminating energyfixity, depression, greed, steadinessThe end of the spine between the anus and the sexual organsSecurity & survivalFoundations, survival, security, habit, self-acceptenceOrgans of eliminatiom
eliminating liquidguilt, delusion, pitylessness, creativity, affectionThe sexual organsCreativityTo feel, to desire, to createSexual organs, reproductive glands, kidneys, bladder
digest fooddesire for control, fear, shame, purificationThe area of the navel point, solar plexusAction & BalanceThe will of the spiritual warriorNavel plexus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas, adrenal glands
promotes circulation, flexibilityindecision, anxiety, attachment, hope, forgivenessOn the breastbone at the level of the nipplesLove & compassionLove and awakening. From "me to we"Heart, lungs, thymus gland
Light blue
containment of selfself-control, sense of command, honor, contentmentThe throatProjective power of the wordHearing and speaking the truth. The TeacherTrachea, throat, cervical vertebrea, thyroid
6AjnaIndigo  Between the eyebrowsIntuition, wisdom & identityThe union of oppositesBrain, pituitary gland
7SahasraraViolet  Crown of the headHumility & vastnessTranscendence. The Tenth GateBrain, pineal gland
8AuraWhite  The electromagnetic fieldRadiance  

ChakraNameQualitiesShadowYoga asanasKY kriyas / breath / chant / Meditation
1MuladharaGrounded, centered, secure, loyal, stable. Healthy functions of eliminationFear, insecurity. Life feels as a burden; feeling of not really belonging on Earth or in one's culture or family. Weak contitution, elimination problems, reduced physical and mental resistance, sexual perversions.Crow PoseChair Pose, Body drops, Frog Pose,MulbhandhFront Stretches, Lying on stomach with feet kicking buttocks.Healthy Bowel System,Flexibility and the Spine,Disease Resistance & Heart Helper
2SvadisthanaPositive, relaxed attitude to sexual functions; patience; creativity; responsible relationships.Rigid emotions, frigidity, guilt, no bounderies, irrisponsible relationships. Problems with reproductive organs or kidneys.Frog PoseCobra Pose,ButterflyCat-CowMaha MudraPelvic Lifts.Sat KriyaReleasing Premenstrual Tension & Balancing Sexual Energy  ,Sex Energy Transformation
3ManipuraThe center of personal power and commitment. Self-esteem, identity, judgment. This is where the strenght for inner balance, inspiration and good health is developed.Anger, greed, shame, despair. Obstacles everywhere. Not enough strenght and spontaneity. Conforming in order to be recognized. Refuting ones own wishes and emotions. Problems with digestion, the liver, the gallbladder and the pancreas.Stretch PosePeacock PoseBow PoseFish Pose, Diaphragm Lock; all exercises which train the abdominal muscles.Breath of FireSat Kriya,Nabhi Kriya Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana
4AnahataCompassion; kindness; forgiveness; service; love. Recognizing and understanding these qualities in others. Sacred transformation. Awakening to spiritual awareness.Grief. Attachment. Closed to surroundings. Easily hurt. Dependent on love and affection from others. Fear of rejection. Helper syndrome. Heartlessness. Heart problems; lung problems; blood pressure problems.Ego EradicatorYoga MudraBear GripBaby Pose (strengthens the heart muscles). All arm exercises, and exercises which twist the upper torso.All PranayamMagnetic Field & Heart CenterThe Essence of Self
5VishuddhaThe center of truth, language, knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively. Authenticity. Healthy selfexpression and interactions. Inspiring, teaching. Embodying God's Will.Lethargy, weakness in expressive and descriptive abilities, shyness, voice problems, insecurity, fear of other people's opinions and judgements. Throat problems, neck problems, thyroid problems.Shoulder StandCobra PosePlow PoseCamel PoseCat-CowNeck Rolls, Neck Lock, nose to knees.All chanting, Wahe Guru Kriya, Kriya for Creativity
6AjnaCenter of intuition, clairvoyance; visualizing; fantasizing; concentration and determination. Self-initiation. Power of projection. Understanding your purpose.Confusion, depression. Rejection of spirituality. Over-intellectualizing.Archer PoseYoga Mudra. All exercises where the forehead rests on the floor.Meditating on the Third Eye, Long Chant, Kirtan Kriya, Whistle Breaths, Pituitary Gland Series Ajna Stimulation
7SahasraraThe seat of the soul. Connection to the highest Self. Enlightenment. Unity. Elevation. Relationship to the Unknown.Grief. The feeling of being separated from existence, and from abundance. Fear of death.Ego EradicatorMaha Mudra. Concentrating on the tip of the nose.All meditationSat Kriya,Foundation for Infinity
8AuraThe aura combines the effects of all the chakras, and constitutes their total projection. The aura projects and protects.Shy, withdrawn, vulnerable.Triangle PoseEgo EradicatorArcher Pose. All arm exercises.All chakras: KY basic spinal energy seriesKY for sex energy transformation
Aura: All meditation,Strengthening the Aura,Exercise Set for Balancing the AuraExercise Set for Electromagnetic Frequancy

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